Caring For Parents

July 02, 2014

Planning for the care of parents has always been a part of the work that I do for clients. When I saw this today it touched my heart, reaffirming and crystallizing the importance of this part of my job.

 Posted by a friend of mine on Facebook this morning…

 “My in-laws live in an assisted living/memory care facility in Atlanta, Georgia. The amount of money that it costs to house them and care for them in this place is staggering. The strain that is placed on the siblings dealing with this is more than most loving families can bear. I am watching this, and can't help but think about my own mother, who is 92, and living with my brother. “

A comment from a sibling:  “I need to say this ..... There is no way to ever thank my brother and his family for what they have done for my mother. There is no way ... I am humbled by their generosity,”

 His response: “ it is something no family should ever have to watch their loved ones go through it’s hard to deal with…”

A comment from a friend:  -- “I know. I took care of my mother as long as I could. … I was paying an astronomical amount of money -- more money per month than many physicians earn!”

 In some way shape or form we’re all headed toward similar events.  I am grateful to be in a position to provide solutions which help to address the related financial concerns.