Financial Planning

Creating a Financial Plan is a broad holistic process which involves:

  • Taking a comprehensive look at a client’s current financial situation
  • Helping to clarify and define a long-term financial vision
  • Building a financial plan that articulates guidance towards realization of that vision.

Significant components of the completed plan may include:

  • Investment planning: Knowledgeable investment guidance goes beyond, how much should be invested in various asset classes, in which types of investments, in what kind of account, and in who’s name.
  • Education funding planning: Being prepared for the post-secondary education expenses of family members has always been a fundamental tenant of solid financial planning.
  • Retirement planning: Eventually we all retire or gradually cut back from successful careers. Retirement planning might be more accurately described as planning to sustain a desired lifestyle longer than needed.  
  • Philanthropic planning: Many people find personal satisfaction in giving back. Planning can help ensure that it’s done efficiently and takes advantage of available tax benefits.
  • Insurance planning: Examination of future financial events may reveal unavoidable financial obligations making it appropriate to develop an insurance strategy to fund those obligations
  • Estate planning:  Dis-inheriting the IRS.  Estate Planning could be considered the ultimate endgame.  A well-thought-out Estate Plan can minimize estate taxes while channeling donations and inheritances efficiently and in a manner that is consistent with personal desires and values.

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