Social Security myths

November 28, 2019

"These 7 Social Security myths just aren’t true, no matter how often you hear them" 

Some assumptions about Social Security are simply not correct.  This article, written by Devon Carrol of Texarkana Texas, addresses some common misconceptions (myths) regarding Social Security very well. 

The 7 myths that he addresses are:

            Myth No. 1: Illegal immigrants collect Social Security

            Myth No. 2: The government raided the trust fund

            Myth No. 3: Social Security is going bankrupt

            Myth No. 4: Members of Congress don’t pay into the Social Security system

            Myth No. 5: You’ll never get back what you put in

            Myth No. 6: Social Security benefits are an earned right

            Myth No. 7: Everyone should delay filing for Social Security benefits until age 70


His entire article with all the details can be found at this link:  7 Myths